Never ever pay for your subscription again and be able to access 7.5 mbps of FREE INTERNET! Read further to know how you can have free unlimited internet courtesy of Smart Communications!

Smart Bro Internet Bypass Hack 7.5mbps! Still working and stable as of November 2013!

Last application update:

Hey guys, this is an update regarding the Smart Broadband Internet Hack that allows you to gain a speed of 7.5 mbps without having to pay any monthly bills at all! The vulnerability in their server is still unpatched, and the port that we the program uses to connect is still open and goes on unnoticed. This hack used to be sold by us for a price of Php 1200 , but we are now giving it out for FREE

Note : You must already be a subscriber to Smart Bro Internet before you are able to use this program. This program utilizes an exploit that requires you to already be connected to the Smart servers before it can bypass and enable the 7.5 mbps free internet. 

Download Links are at the bottom of the post but if you are too lazy to scroll down, here it is.         
Click here to download SmartBro 

       Internet Hack Version 6 - Main Link

Need help unlocking the download? Watch the video below on how for a guide in unlocking it. 

We have compressed the whole program into a RAR file, so the installation is no longer required. 

Below are the Step-by-Step instructions on how to use the program and enable your free Smart Bro Internet

Extract the files, then run the program. Once the program has started, it will check for your EXISTING Smart Broadband subscription. Take note that the hack requires an EXISTING connection before you can avail of the free internet and cancel your subscription. 

Once the connection has been found, it will display that you are connected via a " Regular " connection. This is the status for unoptimized connections and you may now proceed to the next step. 

Check all the options you wish to enable before you begin Optimizing your connection. The Automatic updates connects to our main server and checks for the latest patches regarding the Internet bypass. Add to startup allots the program a small minimized space in your taskbar for you to access with ease. The third box is for users of VPN or proxies, check the box if you use one otherwise the program will not work. The last box is currently in beta, and is the 10 mbps exploit. This is currently proven to be unsafe, and unstable. Some connections get severed over a few months period ( Caught probably ) and you will be blacklisted from Smart Broadband. We do not recommend this option, but for some they have had no trouble regarding and continue up to this day to enjoy 10 mpbs of free Internet. Once you are satisfied with your optionz, click the Optimize button to begin. 

 Once you click the Optimize button, the hack will begin optimizing your connections and registry entries, both in your PC and into Smart servers. Until the bar reaches 100 %, DO NOT CLOSE THE PROGRAM nor reset your unit. This may cause errors for your Internet connection, as this involves registry and server sided editing. 

Once the bar reaches 100 %, and the status fully displays the message  " Optimized. Speed at 7.5 mbps ", you may now close the program. Your total speed will be 7.5 mbps, and you may opt to cancel your Smart Broadband subscription. We recommend cancelling your susbscription 1-2 weeks after using this tool to avoid suspicion. One way of avoiding it all throughout is to keep being subscribed, and enjoy the free speed altogether ( If you can afford it, not really required ). There you go, you now have 7.5 mbps of free internet. Enjoy guys!

Note: We have decided to protect the file  through a survey, this will help discourage mass downloads and abusers. The surveys are worth 2-3 minutes of your time and will help the hack not get patched alot earlier. 

Here is a Virus Total report, the hack being scanned on, over 46 Antiviruses. 

0 / 46 detections

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If the main link does not work, try the alternate link. 

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Smart Bro Internet Bypass (Unlimited Internet)

Are you currently paying for a Smart Bro subscription? Feel that it's getting a bit heavy on your wallet? Well you are not alone, so is thousands of other subscribers of Smart! There used to be  tool that allowed users to bypass their Smart subscriptions and enable free internet, but after a few months of abuse, the exploit got noticed and was patched by Smart. Luckily, just a week ago, a friend of ours ( who works for Smart ) informed us of a possible vulnerability in their software that can enable us once again to have access to Unlimited internet at  as speed  of 7.5 mbps. We were selling this to our close friends and family for Php1200 but decided to share it to you guys for FREE!

Once you download the program, it will ask for a password before the program setup begins.

Password : D4n3

After the program is installed and launched, click the button  " Optimize"  and the program will take care of the rest. You will no longer be billed by the company every month.

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Here is the VirusTotal report in case you are afraid this may contain a virus :

Click here to download - Link 1

Click here to download - Link 2

Note: We have decided to protect the file  through a survey, this will help discourage mass downloads and abusers. The surveys are worth 2-3 minutes of your time and will help the hack not get patched alot earlier.